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To Hanna

PostsPosted by Floyd E. Vawter Tue, July 18, 2017 11:01:49
Bit late again on the writing, but I haven't really had a chance to sit down until now. Always keeping myself busy with painting or other projects, or I am just too tired to write.

This weekend I was at a wedding for one of my dearest and oldest friends here in Oslo, Hanna. I did not make a speech at the wedding, so this is for you.

(you make the most beautiful couple <3 <3, no clue on who took this photo, sorry for not crediting! )

My dear friend and sister from another mister, Hanna.
Congratulations to you and your wonderful shiny husband Tobias, and thank you for such a beautiful wedding. The day was shining like a million stars, but when you came down into the garden down the aisle, you shone like a billion galaxies.

After knowing each other for so many years I am truly happy to be a part of such an important day in your life, and even more so, I am so happy and honored that you gave me the privilege of creating your wedding bouquet.

We have been through a lot of crazy times together, and you have always had my back and supported me through some really dark times. I have no idea if I would even be here without you. You have helped me grow so much, and I can see how much you have grown as well, into being even more wonderful and amazing than when we first met.

(Elektrostat 2010, you were there for me in dark times when I came back to Oslo for that weekend. Also no clue on who took this photo, sorry for not crediting!)

around 14-15 years ago, I saw you at a Red Cross seminar, and I don't think either of us should have been there. You were the curious blonde alternative girl sitting some rows in front of me, and I knew that I had to get to know you. For some reason the second day of the seminar I brought juggling balls (because sometimes you just got to juggle something). Standing in the lobby, I started to juggle and before the first ball touched my hand, you ran to me smiling, saying:YOU JUGGLE!! I remember the moment so well and I hope I never forget. You also had some serious skills yo! (And you still do)

You got me into a world of adventures by joining the role playing group by Red Cross,"På Flykt" as an instructor, and that brought a whole new view into my life. (For those reading whom doesn't know, google it.)
When I started visiting Oslo more often, you were there, and you were my gateway into this city which I love so much. More adventures were had, and you even let me live in your flat in the tiny room, and even after I moved to another place, you let me stay there again for a time when I went through a rather dark time.

(We really were the most badass of zombies! Again no clue on who took this photo, sorry for not crediting! again!! D: )

Together we have danced and partied, played with fire (like literally), we have laughed, probably cried, shared our hearts and minds, made art, been zombies, and so much more <3
So many glorious memories, and hopefully more to come.

You are truly wonderful, and a shining light which have enriched my life for these years. You have always been a dear friend whom I could count on. You have had my back since day one, and I'll have your back until the light takes us away. Because that's what family is for.

(And thank you for letting me use you as a test subject when I was an apprentice <3 Now you got a part of me with you forever! *Insert evil laughter*)

I love you Hanna, you're the big sister that I always wished for, and gained <3
I totally stole pictures from your facebook! (And found some old treasures deep withing my HDD! :D Sorry I could not find more pictures from the wedding :/

Tobias. Welcome to the family! <3 (Hope we get to work with you again! -Batboner )