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It's not as much about Oddities as it is a documentation of my thought processes. It is also where I post about my daily life and more personal thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it will serve as a way to understand why I do things the way I do, and my artworks.

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PostsPosted by Floyd E. Vawter Mon, July 24, 2017 20:18:26
(At Elektrostat 2010, can't believe this was almost 7 years ago! By the gods that was a messed up weekend, but an amazing festival! I can't recall who took this photo, but I still believe I look really cool, haha! Smoking was only good for fashion!)

This time around I don't really have much to write besides the same ramblings on how I feel myself being sucked into the void and spat out again. So much actually that I decided to redecorate the void and make it somewhat more cozy and home like. It's been a refurbishing project for many years!
If you're gonna get sucked into the abyss, make it comfortable for yourself, because you know you'll be back sooner or later.
(Oh and this time again, I'll be sharing a selected few really old images with a short added story, which I thought looked cool.)

(Berlin 2006 on our way to see Moi Dix Mois for the first time! One of my favorite bands, as discovering Mana Sama two years earlier had completely changed me, and made me more confident with whom I was. I was 18 and had found my way deeper into the world of constantly dying subcultures. "Chibi" took this picture. He hated that name. The gig was amazing and I was lucky to see the band again in Tokyo, 2009)

Other than that, I'm painting, drawing, preparing for Worldcon 75 as I will have two new pieces exhibited there, and trying to finish up a cosplay project in time. I'll be heading to my hometown as well for a few days, which now seems like a silly idea, as I have my personal deadlines, but I think I will be better off being bored for awhile outside Oslo, so that I can come back and love this place again.

(Tou Scene, 2007-2008?, Think Suzanne Selvfølgelig took this photo. I was fronting a Stoner/Sludge band called Limpio Void, and this was our first and last gig at a venue larger than our drummers living room, which was more or less our main venue. I had some solid fun with this band, and I don't think we ever played sober. We had a good share of gigs and laughs, then I moved to Oslo late summer 2008. I brought over my theatrics from this band and developed even further with Batboner today.
Also there is a sad story from this gig as well, but I'll tell that at another time)

So yeah. That's my rant for this week. Not much going on, and I spent my weekend doing nothing, only to find out that doing nothing is the most exhausting thing to ever do! D: I am content though.. just not really happy, but sodd it!