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It's not as much about Oddities as it is a documentation of my thought processes. It is also where I post about my daily life and more personal thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it will serve as a way to understand why I do things the way I do, and my artworks.

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It's been awhile..

PostsPosted by Floyd E. Vawter Mon, August 21, 2017 07:41:18

(I was supposed to write about Worldcon, but for now I shall grace you with silly pictures of me and my dear friend Saija/Frillycakes! Check out her blog at She rules the frills! D: PS Alex, we wish you were here <3)

Think it has been two weeks since last I posted something here.. Don't think this will be the longest of posts either. I came home from Worldcon in Helsinki last week, and since then I have been occupied with trying to get back on my feet from post-con depression, moving and sorting things out.
I now live with my dear friend Gustaf in his one room apartment in Oslo, dead center of the city. It's really nice, despite the noise coming from the outside.

I still need time to adjust, to get back on track with things and adapting to the facts that there are a lot of changes going on right now. I need to land, sort out my spaces. I have tried to do some new drawings and painting as well, but I am in a bit of a mind block.. might dabble with some landscapes again, just let my head go for awhile and not think too much about the technical aspects.

I am sorry for not writing much about Worldcon. It was amazing and my talk went well. I will make a post about it soon. Just not now. So in the meantime, please enjoy these lovely pictures of me and my dear and glorious friend Saija aka Frillycakes being silly sodds! Haha! Being reunited with wonderful friends, and making new ones is what makes conventions so magical ^^
(Also, Saija please don't kill me for posting these XD <3 )

(Sillyness galore! )

(wop wop! )


Oh and I didn't really get much other pictures at Worldcon! I did some, as well as a voice recording from my talk, but I'll write about that next time around I think.