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It's not as much about Oddities as it is a documentation of my thought processes. It is also where I post about my daily life and more personal thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it will serve as a way to understand why I do things the way I do, and my artworks.

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To the many-faced God

PostsPosted by Floyd E. Vawter Mon, June 05, 2017 01:23:42
This weeks title is ofcource inspired by my stoke for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones.. and I found it a bit suiting for what I felt like sharing tonight.
To be honest, all my ideas on what to write etc, come and go, and then completely varnish. But there are some concepts which suddenly come back as a kind of theme for each week. In the week that has just passed, we started off with playing a show on Monday along with Sin5, a nice industrial ensemble with lovely beings! On Tuesday we released our second music video for our latest single Oberheim.

Both the video for Oberheim and Sticky were created by our drummer Zonetripper aka Magnus Nordstrand.

And here is the first one in case you missed out <3

You probably guessed by now (or you already most certainly know! BIG SHOCK!!), that I have a great fondness for theatrics, and just getting as fluffed up as I can get. Through most regular days I feel like I'm in a cocoon state. I don't bother dressing much up, I slightly isolate myself in my workspace painting the days away. And I am also figuring out what to wear to next great event/convention/gig etc. At times I can spend weeks planning it, and more than often I will make sketches of how my complete attire should look like. ish.. And it's during those weeks I rest my physical vanity, as it requires more energy to keep up, than what I can prioritize.

And then I get my complete attire on, and enter the stage. It is the once place outside my own little caves/homes that truly feels like home. And in a sense it feels more like home than anything else. And I never care much for what number of people are in the audience, as long as I know at least one is having a good time. For a moment all my misery, frustrations, woes and thoughts that drags me down, becomes like a new type of energy that I can only fuel through these performances. The whole attire becomes like a ritual for me to summon forth my inner beings in order to exercise with them, and to exorcise them. And then my mind is completely blank before returning back to the "regular" world.

I thought I would collect what I could find from our shows. A collection of my attires through playing with Batboner. Thank you to everyone who came to our shows and supported us through the years <3 And thank you for dancing along with my creatures <3

Thank you all whom were photographing us through the years, and for many more to come <3

Sorry if I forgot anyone here (of whom I stole these pics from).

And let me know any missing links, if any.
Have a wonderful night and see you soon <3

(none of these are in any order with the photographs. Sorry!)

Håvard Halvorsen -

Suzanne Selvfölgelig -

Kristin Johansson -

Heikki Sørum

Stig Fostervold -

Christian Blandhoel -

Anja Regine Oddmarsdatter Schönhaug

Sara Almgren

Tony Lavogez

Eva Marie Yri Skjøldt -
ZONETRIPPER/Magnus Nordstrand