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It's not as much about Oddities as it is a documentation of my thought processes. It is also where I post about my daily life and more personal thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it will serve as a way to understand why I do things the way I do, and my artworks.

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PostsPosted by Floyd E. Vawter Mon, July 03, 2017 23:12:46
(Photo of the Turbojugend before the parade, stolen from the TJ Oslo facebook page)

Seems like my blog posts lately are written on Monday nights instead of Sundays, but most Sundays lately have been in complete recovery mode! This weekend was the same! Still being sober, still exhausted, but still kicking it! This time it was a weekend of the amazing Oslo Pride, and the grande Pride Parade. Last year I was walking in the parade for the first time and with Oslo BDSM, but this year Turbojugend Oslo rallied the Turbojugend around to show support in the Oslo Pride Parade. It went truly amazing! I am still so happy and proud to be representing Turbojugend, and my hometown Chapter Stavanger Rock City. I really hope it continues next year and that more members will show up to show support.

(Photo from the parade, from

(Photo from, we were apparently photographed a lot, and even filmed)

As for Pride, I am really happy that this is happening all over the world, and in these days it is still very valid and very important! Unfortunately the world we live in is cruel, and so many are still hiding their colors, afraid for their lives. I have been stared at, harrassed, beaten, and so on for just being myself, and being rather alternative. I can't even begin to imagine the horrors the less fortunate face today, and this is why I hope that Pride spreads like wildfire and gives people the courage to stand against the dreadful norms of their suppressing societies. And it's equally important that we all are aware of what's happening in other countries. It's not all glitter and shiny stuff, but I hope we can spread that glitter and shiny stuff to all corners one day <3 One can only hope, and damn well try to figure out what else to do! What the hell is the point of life if we are not allowed to express ourselves? I am crazy lucky to be where I am, and with just minor scratches.

(A selfie from my instagram, thought I would spam you some pictures of my other fab sides) (Photo by Steven Stieng, Taken at Elektrostat in 2014 I think.)
(Photo by Danarki, Taken at Desucon 2015 <3 <3 <3 )

(An old gem taken by my rebel bro DigiKill Photography <3 I dressed up like this because I felt really sad, and just wanted to be a bit silly to try and turn it around. My silliness and quirky things have for many years been the embodiment of my sadness..)

(dreadful image, but my more "casual makeup face" without beard :) )

And yeah.. in all of this, I figured out that I might as well debunk that grand mystery of my sexuality that probably some of you haven't figured out yet..
I have been myself for as long as I can remember, with a great fondness for getting dressed up and being fab, transcending sex, gender, etc. I am what I want to be, when I want to. I threw out gender roles, and were early on disgusted by all the gender stereotypical bullshit! I follow beauty wherever it may be, and how I personally see it. What I find beautiful, others may not, but that's how everything goes. We are all deep down completely unique in the combinations of what we like and dislike.
When it comes to my biological sex, I did consider for a very long time to change it.. and it is still on my mind, though I just want to be in the middle of it all.. or nothing at all. I'm still doing some minor research on everything, but most of all I just flow with my own currents. (Hence I for some reason always tend to grow a beard, though it's nice with some added makeup, or none at all, good for winters) I never feel completely like one or the other, though I would always smile when someone genuinely thought I was female.. and I still do. I could most likely go on and on about this, though I think someone somewhere threw this all in a box called pansexual.
A dear friend once said something that stuck to me to this day. He was questioned about his sexuality from some half-drunk person at a venue, and after turning down every wild guess, he responded with, "I am sexual"

and so are we all <3

Thank you for reading.


(A whole set of images dating back to 14-15 years ago! None of the images are in any order, some of these are me getting dressed for Halloween, others for events, some just because I felt like feeling something else for awhile.. and one of these was a normal day at high school! Haha! )