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It's not as much about Oddities as it is a documentation of my thought processes. It is also where I post about my daily life and more personal thoughts and feelings. Hopefully it will serve as a way to understand why I do things the way I do, and my artworks.

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PostsPosted by Floyd E. Vawter Mon, December 18, 2017 09:35:18
Winter is here, and it's freezing! Oslo is the annual deathtrap, and people are on shopping frenzy. Oddly enough in the midst of these chaotic times, I am doing really well. Thank you all for the wonderful support. It has definitely kicked me up in these gloomier days<3
I have been ill unfortunately, so not as much painting as I do, but there are new works in progress and a whole lot of plans and ideas for next year.

(A little Unicorn Bunny I did for a client a little while ago ^^ Acrylic on wood)

Oh and I also clean up my face! Haha! So no more face fluff, which was a really bad timing considering the cold weather. I am feeling more like myself again.. for some odd reason. I like it. Been forcing myself into new habits as well in order to be able to sleep, which seems to be working. Surprisingly enough it's as simple as putting the phone far away, and keeping books close by instead.

(Picture taken before our last gig with Batboner at Revolver, playing support for Alfahanne. I got Id'ed that night. I'm happy to be 30, and still looking fab. )

Back to not painting as much, I'm back at the studio today for another two-three days before heading to my home town for Christmas. Meanwhile I have been experimenting a lot more with music, especially synthesizers. I recently sold my old TR61 Workstation, in order to get a piano instead, though I ended up now with a second hand Korg MS-20 mini, which is a wonderful piece of mood swinging analog synth. I sold off my outdated audio interface as well and got a newer one which actually supports my operating systems, so I hope to record more sounds again soon. So far I am getting back to knowing more of my equipment on a deeper level, trying to program sounds etc. It feels like painting, but with sound, and I love it.

My love for synthesizers has also inspired me to do a new complete collection of artworks, but before that, I promised myself to finish up all my ongoing projects. So many pieces to do, and so little time ^^ It's exciting!

(My tiny little midi keyboard. Arturia Minilab MK2. It had some cheap looking wood panel prints on the side, so I put my stickers there instead!)

In some other news, I decided to close my Patreon. In order to get followers etc, you need to create content, and I think that too much online upkeep is not good for me at all. I am trying to keep posting to a minimum whatever it is, though my instagram is more or less on a constant flow. I'm looking to do a makeover on my website as well. Fresh it up a bit, but all in due time. But yes.. less focus on the online world, and more focus on getting things done.. or so I say and then go off to play games for hours! Some break from reality does feel nice though..

It's winter after all.

(Photo by Stefan Kristoffersen. We journeyed off into the woods for a little afternoon walk <3 )

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